BCAA AST 6k [terbaru] malang, surabaya

bcaa ast 6k malang surabaya

Bcaa ast 6k
Kualitas 2x lipat daripada bcaa ast lama !!!
Anabolic Effects of BCAA-6K

BCAAs are shown to have anabolic (muscle-building) effects in human muscle. They are required for muscle tissue maintenance and preserve glycogen stores in muscle tissue.* The BCAAs are the primary amino acids responsible for protein synthesis. In fact, the tissue building effects from protein are primarily due to BCAAs.*

Anti-Catabolic Effects of BCAA-6K BCAAs effect on increasing lean muscle tissue stems from its anabolic activity as well as its anti-catabolic activity. Studies show taking BCAAs before training is effective at reducing muscle tissue breakdown after training.*

Reduce Muscle Damage and Soreness

BCAAs reduce training induced muscle damage and soreness. Studies performed on athletes supplementing with BCAA showed reduced levels of key markers indicative of muscle damage and effectively reduced perceived muscle soreness.*

BCAAs Reduces Fatigue and Enhance Endurance

One unique effect of BCAA is its prevention of central fatigue allowing for high intensity training for longer periods of time. Research on BCAA supplementation during exercise does suggest they increase mental alertness and reduce mental fatigue.
Get Anabolic - Stay Anabolic

As you can see, BCAAs are the most extensively researched amino acids. When it comes to turning on anabolic activity in muscle tissue while turning off anti-catabolic activity, no other amino acids have shown such direct effect.*

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